Focus and Energy

Our Board and members spend hundreds of hours annually collaborating through various meetings, emails, and regular conference calls addressing a multitude of issues impacting injured workers in Florida.

FAQ for Injured Workers

Our members have compiled 101 answers to frequently asked questions in Florida workers’ compensation cases.

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Our Mission

The purpose of the FWA is to protect and defend the workforce of Florida and particularly the rights of Florida‘s injured workers by providing a medium for cooperation and continuing education among lawyers representing the interests of injured and disabled workers and other persons interested in promoting injured workers and providing fair and just treatment to those workers who suffer workplace injuries and those who are dependent upon them.

Our Latest News

Why Private Insurance isn’t a Replacement for MSAs

Why Private Insurance isn’t a Replacement for MSAs

Why Private Insurance isn’t a Replacement for MSAs Medicare Set-Asides (MSAs) are not required by law. Rather, MSAs are designed to prevent Medicare from paying for case-related care after a settlement. But wait, doesn’t other insurance prevent Medicare from paying...

The New Rules of MSAs

The New Rules of MSAs

Medicare Set-Asides (“MSAs”) don’t exist under the law. CMS insists MSAs are a voluntary process. But – are they truly voluntary? CMS’s recently updated WCMSA User Guide has a new section 4.3 that makes it seem like MSAs are essentially mandatory. The good news is...

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