Why Private Insurance isn’t a Replacement for MSAs

Medicare Set-Asides (MSAs) are not required by law. Rather, MSAs are designed to prevent Medicare from paying for case-related care after a settlement. But wait, doesn’t other insurance prevent Medicare from paying for that future medical care too?

It does. If it will pay.

Many health insurance plans will not cover case-related care even if purchased after the injury date. Certain plans – Medicare Advantage Plans to be specific – can find out about that injury and lawsuit through Section 111 Reporting information. Certain MSA information is now shared by CMS to those Medicare Advantage Plans. This combination of the MMSEA and PAID Acts means that private insurance, such as a Medicare Advantage Plan, cannot be considered an alternative to an MSA.

The safest option remains a full MSA, even if the law doesn’t technically require it.

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Ryan Weiner, Esq.
Chief Operating Officer
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