January 2023 Capstone Financial Services, L.L.C. Joe James, Managing Member

For nearly 17 years, Capstone has partnered with FWA through the sponsorship of its annual conferences.   More importantly, we have been providing a valuable personalized service that benefits both its membership and their clients.  Our sole mission is to “Help clients bridge the gap between injury and settlement”.  This partnership found its beginnings in the most unlikely of places.

Where We Started

For 30 years I was part of the IT industry where I worked with CEOs and CIOs of major corporations in addressing their Data Center needs.  My role was to understand the complexities of the issues they faced regarding servers, storage, networking, security, disaster preparedness, etc., and bring solutions to resolve those issues.  One day, an out of state IT company contacted me with and interest in expanding their national footprint into Kentucky.  I embraced the challenge and leased Executive office space where I was literally the only non-attorney in the building.   

One day, an attorney asked if I could start up a company.  He explained that his clients needed money before their cases settled and he couldn’t provide it.  I didn’t understand his industry but was certainly interested in exploring the feasibility.  After 3-4 months of dialogue, I gave it a try, with one client.  Dipping into some savings, the first Advance was executed.  The process worked and both the client and the attorney were grateful. From there, I was introduced to the National Workers’ Comp plaintiff organization, WILIG, by a local attorney.  From that introduction, Capstone had a national footprint within 18 months after the first Advance.

Today, we’ve developed countless personal and professional relationships and an opportunity to make a difference in the lives and practices of literally thousands of customers and clients across the country.  While we meet the needs of your clients, you are our customer.  We often say we have the best job in the world.  We hear “Thank You” before, during and after every transaction, which reflects the value and benefit received by both the Attorney and the client.  

Attorneys know their clients best.  Capstone works in concert with attorneys to assist Injured workers who find themselves in unplanned situations.  While our primary purpose is to “Help clients bridge the gap between injury and settlement”, here are just a few of the benefits realized by the attorneys (our customers) and their clients:

Attorney Benefits

  • An Extension of the services your firm makes available to clients,
    Offered as a value-add service by your firm.
  • Provides Time to Optimize the Outcome for the Client,
    Relieves Pressure from Client to Settle Too Soon Due to Financial Stress.
  • Client Satisfaction,
    Reducing stress improves client appreciation.
  • Easy, responsive online service for clients and attorneys,
    Streamlined processes expedite clients receiving help.

Client Benefits

  • Financial Relief,
    Relieves financial strain created by injury.
  • Provides Peace of Mind During a Foreign Experience,
    Helps calm apprehension during a situation not of their making.
  • Helps Provide Necessities of Daily Living,
    Keeps utilities on, food on the table and rent paid.
  • Advances tailored to the client’s needs,
    Every client’s unique situation is met with individual attention.
  • Attorney Appreciation,
    Views attorney as true advocate.

For more information about Capstone, our philosophies, and processes, please call me at 502-645-7662.  Together we can make a difference.

Joe M. James | Managing Member

Capstone Financial Services